how to order starbucks coffee?

Starbucks is a place where many of us buy our coffee, love its surroundings and those who have not heard its name at least once. Do you know how to order faster, cheaper, lighter and tastier at Starbucks? If you don’t know, read this content first. We assume that the regulars know the general ingredients here, but we will also give some tips for them. But if you are going to go for the first time, there will be a guide for you to understand how it works.

Get used to the definition of self-service, do not sit and wait.

There are no waiters here who, like other cafes, bring the menu to your feet. So it doesn’t make sense for you to sit down and wait somewhere. You order your drink at the checkout and pay your money, and you go to the other side of the counter and wait for your name to be read, you take your drink when the barista calls.

Know the sizes of cups and make your choice according to it.

Many customers think that Starbucks offers 3 different size options, but in fact you can order 4 different sizes for hot drinks, including short, long, large and venti (such as mini, small, medium, large). but don’t tell me anyway). There is no short option for cold drinks, but there are 4 sizes with the option “trenta”, which is even larger than the size of the venti. But not everything can be done with glasses of the desired size. If you want a cold drink, you have to accept that it can’t be done in a short glass, you can’t have a hot trenta-sized drink or even a frappuccino. Short boy is for espresso-based hot drinks, while trenta boy is for cold coffee and teas.Short: 237 ML (8 oz) tall: 355 ml (12 oz) Grande: 473 ml (16 oz) Venti (hot): 591 ml (20 oz) Venti (cold): 707 Trenta ml: ml 917 (31 oz)

Know in advance what you want and decide accordingly.

Do you drink your coffee hard or soft? Do you prefer milk or non-milk? Or will you prefer something other than coffee? Are you going to grab a bite to eat with your coffee? Determine them well. Be informed about what you ordered. Don’t complain about “but it’s too little” after ordering an espresso, don’t ask for a frappuccino and then be told “why isn’t it hot” or don’t order a cappuccino and tell the barista “but I wanted it without milk”. A frappuccino is a drink that is served cold in nature, or a cappuccino is made with milk whether you want it or not. Take into account the characteristics of the desired drink and decide on it accordingly.

Do not forget to specify what extra you want/do not want, if any.

For example, you ordered a latte, but you prefer your milk without fat, you can’t digest lactose, or you don’t consume animal foods. If you don’t specify this before, the barista will make your latte with whole milk. Or let’s say you want to drink your coffee decaffeinated (decaf). Specify your sensitivity to this type in advance so that your drink can be prepared as you like with skim, lactose-free, soy milk or decaf. You can add the ingredients that you want to have, such as extra syrup, cream, or ask that the ingredients that are in the original recipe but you don’t want are not put in. After all, it is you who is the drink, it should be prepared as you like.

In order to order faster, say in an orderly and understandable manner what you want.

In turn, if you determine the hot/cold, cup size, decaf mi, extra shot, milk/syrup/cream content of your drink in order and tell us the last coffee you want, your barista will prepare your order in less time. If you start directly with the name of the coffee, your bar will have to ask for its size and extras one by one. “I’ll have mocha, umm medium size, let it be made with skim milk, if there’s decaf coffee, let it be cold.“one cold grande decaf non-fat milk mocha” would be more understandable than saying it in a way that is incomprehensible and then many questions will be asked, your barista doesn’t need to ask any more questions and you will get your drink faster!

Take advantage of the convenience of payment, do not bother with cash.

Here we will talk about the Starbucks mobile app and the convenience of mobile payment. You upload money to your Starbucks Card, after receiving your drink, you read the QR code at the checkout and confirm the receipt that came to your phone, you complete your payment. Every purchase you make earns you 1 star. and when you accumulate 15 stars, they offer one tall boy drink. On your birthday and when you first load your card, you will have one tall boy beverage treat waiting for you without having to accumulate 15 stars. Of course, the minimum so that you can earn a star from your shopping ?it should hold 3.5. For iOS and Android, you can download it here.

If you are not satisfied with your drink, do not hesitate to specify it and request a new one.

You ordered your drink, tasted it, but didn’t like it. “Now that I’ve got it, there’s nothing to do, I’ll have to drink it.” you needn’t say. If there is a situation that you are not satisfied with, feel free to tell the barista about it. Take the drink to the checkout and request another drink without paying extra money. For example, we asked if 9 out of 10 Matcha Tea Lattes ordered were being replaced with another drink. I mean, don’t worry, these things can happen. However, do not abuse this favor, of course.

Save money with some small tricks, do not give much money for things that you can drink cheaper.

If you are going to drink coffee, choose grande boy instead of venti, they both have the same size, i.e. 2 shots of espresso. Which is already 4 times more than the caffeine energy drinks you will get here!- When ordering iced coffee, have mocha flavor added to it so that you can drink iced mocha for less.- Buy a package of coffee and drink your coffee as you wish in Starbucks with the package you receive every time you want coffee. When you come with your own package, they prepare the coffee according to your request, no matter how many people you want, and offer it in a porcelain cup. A very small price. the price of a package of 250 g ?it is between 25-30 and about 20-25 cups of dec coffee can be made from this package. They also give you a tall size coffee as a gift when you receive the package coffee. So?25-30 to 20 cups of filter coffee + 1 tall size you can drink the coffee you want. This is not a system vulnerability, but a rule of Starbucks.

If you think that you can’t get the same flavor from your coffee while paying attention to what you’re eating, you’re wrong.

You may be doing a regime or you prefer drinks that are too heavy and will make your stomach uncomfortable, these are not obstacles for you to get the same pleasure from the coffee you drink. With a few small changes, you can sip delicious and light delicacies.- In espresso-based milk drinks, choose your milk non-fat or lactose-free, do not add sugary syrups and cream.- In your cold drinks, turn to fruit-based ones rather than vanilla ones. Cool Lime, Berry Hibiscus are fairly light and low-sugar options.- If you can drink hard coffee, use your preference in favor of drinks with a predominance of coffee.- Prefer grande boy instead of venti. Although there is a smaller amount of the drink, the espresso shot it contains will be the same.- Do not give preference to pastry-style snacks. If you are going to have a snack, use your preference in favor of lighter options such as chia pudding, tabbule.

Make a difference with your order, your coffee, which is not on the menu but which you can enrich with extras, will not be like anyone else’s.

When you look at the Starbucks menu, you think you don’t have much of a choice. In fact, you have more to choose from than you think. For example, did you know how many different frappuccinos you can order? it is possible to order more than 80,000 different possibilities. If you want to make a difference, add, subtract, change! Do not hesitate to try new flavors. Stay tuned for recipes that will make a difference!

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