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If the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning is coffee, if you press the coffee machine button before washing your face, you can’t start work without drinking the first coffee of the day, if you turn into an unbearable person every moment without coffee, know that you are an incorrigible coffee addict.

The reason why coffee is addictive as it is drunk is the caffeine it contains. Since caffeine acts against the natural flow of the body, the pituitary gland perceives it as a threat and pumps adrenaline. This is actually exactly why we feel fit and awake after drinking coffee. But after excessive consumption of coffee during the day, the body begins to need more caffeine, as a result, it turns into an addiction that will make you feel physical withdrawal, such as head, lower back and back pain in moments without coffee.

Of course, there are no benefits to coffee, even a lot of them. But excessive consumption of caffeine is also harmful, as we just mentioned. Let’s note right away that the maximum limit of caffeine that a healthy adult should take during the day is 400 mg.

So how much caffeine is there in Starbucks coffees that you run and run and buy that day, that you’re friends with their baristas, that you crave around the clock?

We’ve already sorted it to the bottom. We’ll tell you, so you can enjoy the rest. After all, your name will be written on cardboard cups.

Caffeine coma: Filter coffee

Starbucks is the preferred flat filter coffee among those who accept the most decaf in a single cardboard cup of friends. Because grande boy filter coffee has exactly 330 mg of caffeine in it. Considering that the maximum limit of caffeine we need to take during the day is 400, you will have to drink it and close the coffee book completely. Or let it be a caffeine coma, let it be “the moon is on fire, my lunar heart is beating too fast”…

Less decaffeinated preference for lovers of plain coffee: Caffè Americano

Most people think that Americano is harder to filter coffee, and the reason for this is that the proportion of caffeine contained in it is greater than in filter coffee. But in fact, this is wrong. Because a grande-sized Americano has 225 mg of caffeine. So there is a large proportion of decaffeins, for example, 105 mg, among them. In short, he likes the taste of plain coffee, but if you want to consume less caffeine, it makes more sense to use your preference in favor of Americano.

The most decaffeinated among sweet coffees: Caffè Mocha

We have good news for those who are heartbroken in favor of sweet coffees. In the world of mochas, the caffeine content is 175 mg in grande sizes. Let’s say the highest percentage of caffeine in sweet flavored coffees is in mocha, and let’s review other options.

With the summer, caffeine also evaporates and flies away: Iced coffee

Naturally, many of you may think that grande boy hot filter coffee and iced filter coffee have the same caffeine ratio. I Gelgel however is not the case. Because the first one contains 330 mg of caffeine, while the icy one contains 165 mg of caffeine. In other words, if you like plain coffee, your preference in summer should be in favor of iced filter coffee, which has a more acceptable caffeine content.

The power of hot milk: Caffè Latte

Caffè Latte, one of the most classic coffees of Starbucks, has almost half the caffeine of plain filter coffee. Because Caffè Latte contains 150 mg of caffeine. The effect of evaporated hot milk on this is great.

If there is no latte, there is it: Cappucino

Cappucino and latte have the same caffeine ratios. They both contain 150 mg of caffeine. This is also very natural because they are both made with the same proportion of espresso. So if you are paying attention to caffeine, you can easily print your name on the cappucino for a harder drink and the latte for a softer, creamy taste.

For both coffee and tea people: Chai Tea Latte

We go below the 100 mg caffeine limit with Chai Tea Latte, the choice of those who don’t exactly identify themselves as a coffee person but say a little caffeine wouldn’t be bad. Because in this delicious drink of winter days there are only 95 mg of caffeine.

The one who drank Chai Tea Latte in the winter drank this in the summer: Coffee Frappuccino

Although frappucino gives you the pleasure of eating dessert rather than drinking coffee, of course there is caffeine in it. Even if we don’t eat it with a fork, it’s also coffee. The caffeine ratios of Frappucino and Chai Tea Latte are the same: 95 mg. It saves your summer.


Can we just say that the espresso that everyone has been thinking about to sober up in the morning because of its hard taste is not actually a drink that keeps you as fit as you think? Because he only has 75 mg of caffeine in every shot. If you want me to sober up and get rid of my sleepy state, your preference should be in favor of filter coffee instead of espresso.

Yes, it’s also caffeinated: Hot chocolate

You can call it hot chocolate, but this warming drink also has some caffeine in it. Hot chocolate containing only 25 mg of caffeine can be the choice of people who don’t want to take too much caffeine during the day but have somehow dropped their way to Starbucks. Because why not?




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